Hey out there! We’re “The Producers”!

Before "The Producers" hit the tables.

We make what we sell. We sell what we make. From our hands to yours. We are Artists. Craftspeople. Husbands. Wives. Mothers. Fathers. Small business owners. Singers. Performers. The jeweler. The painter. The Seattle soap maker. Meet the producer. We are the producers of Pike Place Market.

We are a special group. Regulated and authenticated by the Pike Development Authority (The PDA) confirming a very special quality that we all share. We make what we sell. The responsibility for crafting what’s on the table or hanging overhead is ours and ours alone. We may have a helping hand in our studios or to assist us in selling on busy market days. But we fashion everything that you see. This is our work. These are our stories.

Silver pendants on velvet lay next to tie dye. Stark limbs of trees and Buddha in blue. Polished boxes carved out of rich, warm burl woods. Recycled paper torn into scenes full of life. Silk hats and scarves. Mod and classic handbags with birds and giraffes. Monster hats made of fleece. Penguins in black. Designer sweaters made out of..well..other sweaters. Spiritual images in delicate bas relief tiles. Treasures all. Treasures to someone. From our hands to yours.

The market is our neighborhood. The 4 foot stalls our shops. Walk through. From the aisles of the North Arcade into the blue summer day. We’re set up along the sidewalk and in tents on the street. You’ll meet us. See our craft. We can get to know each other. You will walk away with more than an object. You will walk away with a shared experience. A sense of origin and our story.

Made in America. Shop local. Shop small businesses. Buy art. Buy handcrafted that’s not crafted by hands overseas. Much more than slogans. They can be a conscious way of life.

Welcome to the blog of the Pike Place Producers. We invite you to peek into the lives of professional artists and small business owners carving out livelihoods in the chaos and quiet of Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market. We can have good days and bad days and days that we sell nothing at all. It’s a chosen way of life and not for the faint of heart.

We want to meet you and more importantly we want you to meet us. The producers.

The market is a treasure hunt. Any morning is my favorite. Come for coffee and a pastry and a relaxed wander through. Take note of the faces behind the tables. Hard working. Tenacious. Dynamic. Independent. Determined. Creative and artistic. Handcrafting clothes, hats, body products, laptop bags, glass bowls, jewelry, wall art, spiritual art, paintings, pepper mills, handbags, and so much more.

From our hands to yours.

By Kat Allen
Symbols in Art


4 thoughts on “Hey out there! We’re “The Producers”!

    1. Thanks Hobbit. It’s a communal effort. We have a small core group establishing the foundation for the ” Pike Place Producers” with a web site, FB Biz page, Twitter account and Blog. The group is in it’s infancy right now. Our goal at this time is to continue to build on this foundation then present it to the community as a whole for others to participate in. Take a look at the Mission Statement if you haven’t already. it’s a grass roots effort. Who better to market us than us?

    1. Chuck – Thanks for your kind comments. At a future date we will be opening up the membership in PPP and at that time each member will have access to business cards to give to people that will direct them to this web site and blog to keep the general public informed of what goes on behind the scenes, on and in front of our tables. At this point we’re creating the foundation for the group and it’s operation. For now, anything that you reprint from this site should also have the PPP reference: Pike Place Producers at https://pikeplaceproducers.wordpress.com. Currently there is a weekly schedule for blog posts by the founding members. Stay tuned ! – kat

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