Life in the Market

This is my second year but first summer in the market. I LOVE IT. And this is what I love about it:

  1. Other vendors in the market – even the grumpy ones, because you know where they stand “loud and clear.” They are so full of energy and talents. I feel at home right away.
  2. Customers – not all of them of course, but if I don’t take people or their business for granted, I always find some very sweet people every day. And I cherish that. They make my day!
  3. The waterfront work space.
  4. The independent and solitary nature of the work – yet in a group of very independent and solitary people who I have found that I can always rely on when I need help.
  5. The weather (yes, you read me right), the outdoor air, the whole making of the market.
  6. And I get to make art on site while making “some kind of” living…

Life is good.

Carol Chen Lord
CC Lord Studio

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