In a former life…

What do you call a social worker, a software company manager and a journalist? No, it’s not the the opening line of a joke. These are the previous careers of three of the Pike Place Producers.

Our members also include a former personal chef, a publisher and a management consultant. And this being Seattle, of course one of our number has put in time as a barrista in addition to being a graphic designer.

So you see, most of us did something very different in former lives. Walk through the crafts line on any given day and you’ll see ranks of smart, creative people who have chosen to turn away from conventional careers and the corporate world to pursue their passion for art and making things.

Numerous Market artists started by dipping toes in the water, selling for other Market artists – in Market-speak, working as an ‘agent’ – before plunging into being full-time, self-employed crafts entrepreneurs.

We’ve replaced the 9-to-5 grind, suits and pantyhose, employer contributions and paid vacations with 9am roll call, clothes we just like to wear, keeping our own books, the flexibility to take time off when we choose and most importantly creative fulfilment. The watercooler discussion has become a chat with our booth neighbors.

The journalist? That was me. I started my working life as a newspaper reporter and worked my way up the ladder to become editor in charge of a niche publications department with a major publishing company in the UK.

Now I spend my days designing, making and selling handbags, plus all the other behind-the-scenes things required to run my own business. Not everything about it is a picnic, but I’ll take it any day over life in a cubicle slaving over a hot computer.

Me at my Market booth
Me at my Market booth

Reader challenge!

Can you figure out which former career belongs to which Pike Place Producer? Check out the Member Businesses page and take a guess. Leave a comment with your guesses. I can’t guarantee the Producers will confirm whether you’re right, but it will be fun to see what you all think.

Emma Roscoe
Red Delicious Bags


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