From Here to Eternity

“Meet the Producer” is more than just a sign at Pike Place Market. It’s an opportunity. A tangible benefit as a supporter of small business. In 9 years of selling at the market I have talked to many visitors, telling our story and listening in return. Sharing our art and through our art our lives with people who stop at our table.

Jeff and I have chosen, as our inspiration, symbols and imagery from the very earliest of civilizations focusing on spiritual art. Our first Celtic Cross (The Cross of Iona) was sand blasted out of stone. Cast and hand finished as age-worn alabaster, set with semi-precious gemstones of aventurine, jade and carnelian.

Intricately detailed bas relief art tiles are now the cornerstone of our collection. Visitors gently run their fingers across them. Engaging in the fine etch and smooth feel of the tile surface. Tracing the designs, some familiar some foreign, but now all accessible at our table.  “Feel free to pick them up and take a look. Descriptive labels are on the back of each one that will tell you what it means.” Some are interested in discovery. Others want to make certain that we “have it right”. Regardless, they can see the care and thoughtfulness that goes into each design and finished piece.

Christian, Judaic, Buddhist, Islamic and Hindu images. “You cover them all” a customer says. Well, we do those five. There are others.

Design ideas are jotted down in notebooks and sketched out on pads. Winter is our time to create new pieces. It’s summer now, although the weather still hasn’t settled itself to one season here in Seattle. We’re working non-stop in our studio and come into Pike Place Market as many days a week as possible to sell. “Do you have a store?” is a common question as I sit behind my table set up on the sidewalk. This is my shop, I say. “Are  you here all summer?” I am here all year round. I set up in the building during the winter and outside as often as I can throughout the summer. “How did you get into this?” That story, dear reader, is for another time. Just know this…we like this life better.

We welcome your visits to see us at Pike Place Market. Our business is there nearly every day except Wednesday throughout the summer. Friday through Sunday you will  find me under my sunflower umbrella at the very north end of the market. You can always find us at our online shopping site. Jeff and I make art tiles. For you, your loved ones, your sacred space. From our hands to yours. Art that will last forever.

Kat Allen
Symbols in Art

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