Inspiration and entertainment

The Pike Place Market draws millions of visitors a year to its arcades. I have the unique job of entertaining people in the district. From our shop in Lower Post Alley, just outside the historic boundary of the Market, we offer night tours of the area, Market Ghost Tours. We travel through the district and along First Avenue. Many people who are interested in our tours first think that we tour the daystalls, farm tables and craftsline after hours. They are not aware of the complexity of the area;  the 500 people that live in the Market, the mixed use of the district, or that the Market spans nine acres. After their tour they see it in a brand new light. The theater, the beauty and the odd history all come alive. They leave inspired and entertained.

In researching the stories that are a part of the tours I have picked up some strange facts and links. For example, in my current research and preparation for Halloween 2011, I have discovered that over 10 novels about Vampires include reference to the Pike Place Market. Check it out for yourself, go to google books and type in the search field, “Pike Place Market Vampires.”  I thought for this post I would share a few videos with you;

Late Autumn was filmed in Seattle in 2010 and the Pike Place Market figures heavily in the scenes. It is a beautiful film with haunting images and a sweet sadness to it. This is the trailer. It is currently showing at film festivals throughout the US and Canada.

Zombies paid a visit to Pike Place in 2007 .

Theater has always been a part of the Market. The arcades were designed with theatrical elements in mind. The interior was designed by a former actor, Arthur Goodwin. He was known to dance through the arcades in his finest black suit and hat. (lights, camera, action!)

From the tours, photos of the Market district.

Our tours have operated under a mission since I first started giving them in 2004. To preserve the oral tradition and people’s history of the Pike Place Market and, in doing so, connect visitors to the individuals that have impacted the Market’s growth. To support the economic and social fabric of the Pike Place Market and educate and entertain its customers. To instill in each visitor a unique and magical relationship to the land and development of the Market so that each person who hears the stories is compelled to be an integral part in the future of the Pike Place Market.

– Mercedes, Market Ghost Tours


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