Handmade for the Holidays

Today, more than ever, where you spend your hard-earned dollars really counts. And many people are thoughtfully choosing to support small, independent and local businesses when they do their holiday shopping.

Of course, small, independent and local is exactly what we – the Pike Place Market crafts vendors – are.

This year Pike Place Market is all about ‘Handmade for the Holidays’. Buying from the crafts people ensures your loved ones will receive original and beautiful gifts, unlike anything you’ll find at the malls.

It also supports the ‘shop local’ principle, which benefits the community as a whole in many ways:

  • Creating jobs
  • Putting money into the local economy
  • Keeping the Market interesting and diverse
  • It’s eco-friendly

Buying local and handmade is a nationwide movement, including The Nature Conservancy’s Green Gift Monday campaign encouraging everyone to buy responsible, meaningful gifts on ‘cyber Monday’ this year.

Many Market crafts people have websites where you can buy on cyber Monday, November 28. Take a look at our Member Businesses page for links.

And in the weeks up to Christmas, why not turn off your computer and come to the Market to shop? Meeting the producers – the faces and hands behind your gifts – makes the holiday shopping experience so much more personal and special.


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