Where are my elves?

At this time of year, the Pike Place Producers are thinking “lucky Santa” and wishing we had our own elves. Just like the famous North Pole workshop, our studios are a hive of activity as we busy ourselves making lovely gifts for under the tree.

But rather than magic and reindeer, it’s plain old elbow grease and people power that’s bringing our gifts to you. So I thought it would be fun to draw back the curtain and give you a peek behind the scenes at Red Delicious Handbags HQ.

A lot has happened before you see my products carefully arranged at my Pike Place Market booth, like this.

Red Delicious booth display

Here’s the Wall o’ Fabric! Not just mine, but also that of my studio partner Lynn Rosskamp of Pingihats. This is maybe half of the fabric stashed around our work space.

The Wall o' Fabric

I make all my own pattern pieces and then have to cut all the fabric before even starting to make a bag. Here are some Long & Lean bags in progress:

Bags in progress

It’s impossible to do everything myself (if I want to sleep and read a book occasionally, that is!). And in the Market rules we are allowed one production assistant. This is Lovely Assistant Nikki doing some cutting. She also assists PingiHats production.

Lovely Assistant Nikki

And finally, I sew up the pieces to make the bags you know and love! The studio has big windows which let in lots of light, and I can see all the great neighborhood dogs being walked by.

Emma at the sewing machine

I hope you receive lots of lovely hand-crafted gifts this year, and wish you all very Happy Holidays, with grateful thanks for your interest in, and support of, my business and all the Pike Place Producers.

by Emma Roscoe, Red Delicious Bags


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