In the deep midwinter

January at Pike Place Market. The lights and crowds of Christmas are gone. The rain or snow is falling. It’s midwinter and the Pike Place Producers have been taking some downtime.

After the crazy holiday season weeks of long hours at our booths and in our studios, many artists and crafters take a very welcome break. It’s time to recharge and regroup.

Some go on vacation, many enjoy a staycation. We make up for time not spent with family, friends and pets. We revive our social lives, check out the Oscar-contending movies and finally get to that pile of books that’s been untouched since October.

After a bit of a break, we go back to our studios and work benches with enthusiasm: it’s the ideal time to work out fresh designs and get to grips with new techniques and skills, ready to debut our new products as the crowds begin to return in Spring.

It’s catch-up time. We update our websites and rejig our business cards, file some paperwork, update the books, start on taxes.

We took a break from the Pike Place Producers blog too. The time off was welcome, but now it’s February and we’re back.

by Emma Roscoe, Red Delicious Bags


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