Dog Friendly Pike Place Market

At Pike Place Market all dogs are welcome to bring their well mannered owners to come and shop.

We are all busy with work, friends and family so it is nice to be able to spend some time with our four-legged friends. With a limited number of hours in the day and so many tasks at hand with shopping for groceries and that special gift needed, our best friends tend to spend more time alone at home than with us. So it is nice to be able to have a place where you can do it all with your best friend at your side.

Along with shopping for everything you need the Market has some special things just for your four-legged companions.

Adventure Days Dog Treats, by Melody Price,  is your source for locally made, all natural, hand crafted dog treats and rope toys. They are most delicious dog treats made with human grade ingredients so you know you are giving your dog the best!

As a vendor on the craft line it is always nice to see the happy dog faces as they stroll along the North Arcade So the next time you need to get a special hand crafted gift for yourself or a friend or want to pick up some fresh produce don’t forget to bring along your very best friend.

Check out some of our four-legged market friends:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

by Kristeena and Ron Sabando, Sabando Design


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