The Market melting pot

As we celebrated the independence of America this Fourth of July, I couldn’t help thinking that Pike Place Market is a great reflection of this melting pot of a nation.

Fourth of July in Seattle, 2012, image courtesy Seattle PI.

People from from many different places, with widely divergent langugages, customs and heritages, work side-by-side, get to know and understand each other, become friends, and support and celebrate together.

Like America as a whole, the crafts community is made up of people from all over the world.

We have people from China, Taiwan, Japan, India, the Philippines, Thailand, Israel, Peru, Mexico and Puerto Rico. One crafter is from the far-flung Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia.

I’m one of several British (break that down to Welsh – me – and at least a couple of Scots), and other European countries represented include Germany, Italy, France and Ukraine.

There are, of course, several Canadians and a number of Native Americans, many continuing their tribal art traditions in the work they sell.

And the Market melting pot includes people who have come to the Pacific Northwest from all corners of the Unites States, whose own heritage adds to the great blend of cultures and traditions.

A world of names: some of the crafts vendors in the seniority list posted
above our roll call board at the north end of the main arcade.

Take a look at Pike Place Market’s crafts community and you see a snapshot of America.

Emma Roscoe, Red Delicious Bags


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