Small town Pike Place Market

In this blog we often use the word “community”. That’s probably because Pike Place Market is so much more than just a place to shop. It’s like a very close-knit and sometimes quirky small town.

Every day there is an influx of vendors, farmers, merchants and restauranteurs who are the faces and focus of the Market. But, like every small town, there’s a lot more to the Market than may meet the eye.

It’s home to about 500 people who live in approximately 300 apartments, some market-rate and others affordable for seniors and lower-income families and individuals. And there are temporary residents staying nightly at the Inn at the Market and Pension Nichols.

Overseeing our ‘town’ are the Preservation and Development Authority (the PDA) and the Historical Commission, with of course many office staff and managers. Helping to keep things running smoothly there are the security and maintenance departments.

Like most towns, the Market also provides important social services. It houses a senior center, a food bank, a clinic and a childcare and preschool center. The little ones are often brought past our booths on their afternoon walks, charming everyone.

The Market Foundation is the very popular non-profit organization that supports these social services, and their mascot Rachel the Piggybank has been greeting visitors and helping to raise funds for more than 25 years.

Rachel the Piggybank

Rachel is getting ready to put on her party dress for her birthday celebration, which also happens to be the Sunset Supper fundraising event at the Market on August 17. It’s a fun, foodie way to support very worthy causes.

See the Market’s website for more information about our small ‘town’. Pike Place Producers is now included in the list of Community Groups.

by Emma Roscoe, Red Delicious Bags


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