Santa’s Little Helpers

As the holiday season draws nigh, I wanted to share a little secret about Santa – he subcontracts!  That’s right, those North Pole elves are just not as productive as they used to be, so Santa calls on all his relief elves here at Pike Place Market to get the job done and produce amazing presents for all the people on his nice list.


Before most people have even started thinking about venturing up into the attic to dust off all their holiday decorations, Pike Place Market’s craftspeople are hard at work preparing for the gifting season by working overtime to produce backtstock, add smaller “stocking stuffers” to their inventory and ensure that their customers, old and new, will be able to bring home that perfect present to surprise their nearest and dearest.  Those of us with online stores as well as our daystalls are also beefing up our advertising and social media posting and figuring out “order by” deadlines to ensure we are able to produce our works of art in time to get them sent across the country or even the world in time for Christmas, Hanukkah or Solstice.  Many of us also have our wares available at additional  large craft shows during the holidays, like Urban Craft Uprising or Best of the Northwest or the Phinney Winter Festival or at smaller trunk shows at local neighborhood venues or even our own studios and workshops.  Though we emphasize our commitment to craft, we are , first and foremost, small businesspeople and this is the time of year when we can stock up on revenue and savings for the slow, cold months of January and February when sales are sluggish.


The folks at the USPS, Fed Ex or UPS are our handy reindeer stand-ins at this time of year.  They’re much more reliable and you can pay them with a debit card instead of carrots, which is much easier on one’s handbag.

Please consider dashing through the snow, er, rain to join us down at the Pike Place Market for all of your holiday gifting needs.  We’re some of the very best relief elves and can hook you up with wonderfully unique art and handcrafts that will make your holidays truly merry and bright this year.

Lynn Rosskamp


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