What Does Daffodil Day Mean To You?

my daffodilsA question posed to a friend who used to “throw fish”. His answer? “It usually took me half the day to figure out why everyone walking around downtown was carrying a daffodil.”

Wednesday, March 20, marks the 16th year of this market tradition. The passing out of 10,000 locally grown daffodils will have people all over Seattle walking around with a stem of sunshine. You might see them “clinking” them together as if toasting the first day of spring.  How can you not smile? Children using them as swords. Of course. Or fairy wands. Grown ups using them as pointers to direct a gaze to something wonderful that they want noticed.

“What does Daffodil Day mean to me?” It is the first day of Spring! That we have made it through winter. That the days may still have a bit of a chill to them. The wind off the water, brisk. That flowers make even a cloudy day shinephoto[7]

Thank you to the Preservation Development Authority (our PDA) for this continuing gift to the people of Seattle. To the farmers who work to provide the market and this day with a gallery of color and gaiety and to the volunteers who will stand on street corners with arms full of daffodils passing out flowers and a smile.

Looking for a sliver of sunshine? On Wednesday, March 20, students from the Pike Market Child Care and Preschool will hand out flowers from 11:30 am – 12 pm at the corner of 4th and Pine St. at Westlake Park.

Photo by Art Kuniyuki
Mark the first day of spring – Receive a free daffodil at the following locations:

  • 4th Ave & Pine St. – Westlake Park
  • 6th Ave & Pine St. – Pacific Place
  • 3rd Ave & Union – Post Office/Benaroya Hall
  • 4th Ave & Cherry St. – City Hall
  • 4th Ave & Madison St. – Seattle Public Library
  • 5th Ave & Olive Way – Westlake Tower/Medical Dental Building
  • 5th Ave & Pike St. – City Centre
We're more than Daffodils in the spring
We’re more than Daffodils in the spring

It’s a great time to visit the Pike Place Market – See you there!

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