Frequently Asked Questions and Answers to Questions That We Wish You Would Ask 

  • “The artists set up on the street are transient and the ones in the building are more permanent.”
    FALSE As permit holders we all fall into the same category of artists and craftspeople. There is a seniority system which allows us to choose our table space each day based on availability when our number is called. You may have seen a map of the market at the north end of the building. That’s where roll call is held each morning.
  • I’m looking for the artist I saw in this space yesterday, last week, last month. Where is he/she?
    There is a great Blog Post with the answer to this
    “I was here looking for you the other day. Where were you?”
  • Do you set up and tear down everyday?
    Yes we do. Permit holders of the Day Stalls (all of the artists,craftspeople and flower vendors) do set up and tear down each day. Some of us have lockers down in the lower caverns of the market where we store our inventory and table displays. If you come early in the morning  you’ll see the hustle and bustle of carts being pushed to the chosen tables and set ups begin. The tables are completely empty without us. At the end of the day everything goes back onto the carts and is packed away. Some permit holders bring everything with them in their car and load in and out from there.
  • “This is just like the Flea Market back home.”
    . There is nowhere else in the U.S. that has the history and unique atmosphere of Pike Place Market. Pike Place Market also differs from a flea market in that the shopper has the opportunity to “Meet the Producer” of many items and buy direct from them rather than from a reseller.
  • I want to sell my things here at the market. Do I just set up a table?
    The short answer: No.  You must be a permit holder. Inquiries may be made at the PDA (Pike Development Authority) Office. The office is down the stairs at the south end of the market, near Rachel the Pig and Pike Place Fish.  Permits are awarded based on criteria set up by the PDA such as product diversity and availability of space. The PDA office phone number is: 206.682.7453. More information is available online.
More about the language of the market can be found here.