It’s true. Your purchases do keep us warm.

I came home yesterday after a long cold market day to a surprise package. Return address, Soldotna, Alaska. I opened the box and unwrapped the green tissue to pull out 2 bundles of long, thin, beeswax candles still smelling of honey.

Years ago a customer and his wife fell in love with our art work. So much so that they sent me a gift of a bundle of hand dipped candles made by nuns from an Orthodox church in their home town. I used them as part of my Christmas display in my home for several years, portioning them out so that my cherished bundle would last as long as it could.

John, the husband, returned to my table at the market several weeks ago. It’s truly a pleasure to see a familiar face. We caught up with each other. He purchased several more tiles for his collection and as gifts. I asked about his wife and let him know again how much joy her gift of candles had brought to me. And now we circle back to my surprise package today. My lovely new bundles of candles that will last until our next meeting.

It is in these interactions that we find our humanity. That I’m able to express my joy at what I do together with my husband, Jeff. We create art. We sell it as a way to make our living.

I heard from Britta today who recently moved out of town and misses the market. And us. She started purchasing art work from us several years ago and has brought to our table friends and family who now also enjoy our art in their homes.

A fellow artist at the market was overheard saying to one of his regulars “Susan, you really don’t have to buy something every time you stop by”.

It’s true. It’s also true that, especially on cold winter days, we are warmed by your purchases. I will admit that.

So – what do I make and sell? Art tiles that reflect five of the world’s religions. Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Islamic and Hindu images. Intricately designed bas relief art. Each hand colored and labeled with a brief description of the image on the back. What do you do with them? You enjoy them as art. You hang them on your wall or place on a stand. They are simple reflections of the age old beauty of spiritual art. Our new “Minis” make wonderful gifts without being overwhelming.

People on your list that would love to receive one of our art tiles:
A friend that is creating a sacred space
Someone studying Buddhism
A Jewish friend’s Hannukah gift
Yoga instructor or practitioner
A collector of all things “Om”
An outreach to a Muslim neighbor
A collector of crosses
Your care giver
A child’s teacher
Someone who loves all things Celtic
Your Catholic aunt
A friend who has traveled to Europe or Asia and loved it
A massage therapist (The Hamsa hand of protection is perfect)

You make the list and you will find gifts for people on it. We keep our prices accessible (between $20-$45 with discounts for multiple items) and for the holidays I will include a stand while my supply lasts.

A popular purchase, as always, is the “World Set”. The five world religions as an even reflection of faith.
World Set - Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Islamic, Hindu
Visit us at Pike Place Market Friday – Monday. I will be at the market every day from December 15 through the 24th ready to meet you and introduce you to our art.

Blessings for the holidays and the new year,
Kat Allen
Symbols in Art