Hello visitors!

We welcome about 10 million visitors a year at Pike Place Market, many of them from other cities, states and countries. The Market is world famous and a must-see for anyone coming to Seattle.

Most people have heard about the fish-throwers, the original Starbucks, and the gum wall. But there’s so much more to experience.

So we were thrilled to read the Market’s write-up in the 2012 Washington State Visitors’ Guide, in which writer Rebekah Denn gives great pointers to other highlights – and shout-outs to several Pike Place Producers member businesses and supporters, including our friends the buskers.

WA 2012 visitors' guide front

Check out page 51 for mentions of Seattle Rainwater Soap, Croshay Design and Red Delicious Bags, plus the popular Market Ghost Tour. We hope this helps to bring lots of shoppers for the whole of the crafts daystalls and the rest of the Market in 2012.

WA 2012 Visitors' Guide pg 51

The guide is a great resource for locals and visitors alike. You can see the whole guide online here, or go to the Experience Washington website to order copies.

by Emma Roscoe, Red Delicious Bags