Thinking Pig for the Market Foundation

You may have noticed how popular pigs are at Pike Place Market and wondered why that is.  Or noted how well-loved the big bronze piggy bank (and popular photo op) is near the fish throwers. Pigs at Pike Place are about more than just cute curly tails and turned up noses. That big bronze piggy bank is Rachel, the mascot of Pike Place and of the Market Foundation, and all coins “fed” to her help support their vital work. So many in the Pike Place Market community rely on the Foundation from the little ones who attend the Pike Market Preschool to the elders who rely on the Senior Center or the Heritage House for access to services, housing and assisted living. They are also responsible for the Pike Market Food Bank who annually provide more than 269 tons of groceries to people in need and the Pike Market Medical Clinic which provides health care to over 4,300 homeless, low-income and elderly patients. We at Pike Place Producers think the Market Foundation is kind of a big, sorry, PIG deal!

This Wednesday, May 15, is an important day for the Market Foundation. It’s the GiveBIG event where all your donations to the Market Foundation’s virtual piggy bank (CyberRachel, if you will) are matched in part by the Seattle Foundation.  And, if you’re planning a visit to the Market on that day, you can also put your pennies into the real Rachel in person. More information on how to donate can be found at the Market Foundation’s website.

To further inspire you to dig deep and give some pennies (or dollars, dollars are really good too!) to the Market Foundation, here’s a little slideshow of some porcine pals you might meet at the Market, including the lovely Rachel herself.

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Photos by Stephanie Shull of Pike Place Pigs

Text by Lynn Rosskamp of PingiHats and Artdork