Change Is the Only Constant …

I’ve heard the phrase “evolve or stagnate and perish” over the years.  As I mature, both mentally and physically, I have to agree. Change really is the only constant in our lives.

Thirty-five years ago I began my career at the Pike Place Market. That was 1978.  I joined the market community as a photographer.  Over those many years I made and sold photographs of flying fish, Seattle skylines, mountains, rainbows, sunsets, fishing and ferryboats, and all manner of other images.

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Light and shadow, form, color, texture, and gesture were all translated from the three-dimensional world into my two-dimensional art prints.

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Deception Pass

One of the things I loved in my early days making my living at the market was working with my hands making wooden frames for my photos. Oak was my wood of choice, but over the years my customers began to prefer the more austere look of metal frames.  So, my product evolved. Change. Adaptation.

Clean laundry hangs out to dry on clothesline above doorway and shuttered windows of bright yellow painted house in Burano, Italy

My growth, change, adaptation and personal interests have also morphed over the last 35 years. The colorful laundry photo above is a good example of these changes, combining all those elements of light, shadow, form, color, texture and gesture.  Geographical change was also part of my personal experience, as the photo above was made on the island of Burano near Venice, Italy, and lead indirectly to a major change for me.

A little over two years ago I decided to explore my long-time interest in glass and enrolled in a lamp work bead-making class at Pratt Art Center here in Seattle. I honestly didn’t know if I had the physical dexterity to work with molten glass. However, I soon discovered that, like learning to play a musical instrument with lots of practice, I could make respectably roundish glass beads.

2nd anniversary bead making.

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Today, because I was willing to welcome change and learn new skills, I’ve re-invented and re-invigorated myself.  Glass is an amazing medium!

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Embracing change has allowed me to once again work with my hands creating one-of-a-kind original art.  I’m still working with light, shadow, form, color, texture, symmetry, and gesture in my art.  And I’m still at the Pike Place Market!

You can find me in the North Arcade of the Pike Place Market a few days each week.

If you can’t get to the market, you can also find my glass art online at .

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